Shopping Adventures: Freebies


A couple of weeks ago I went to the mall to do some shopping. I bought some clothes and things and since it was around my birthday, I picked up a few freebies as well. The first one is the Sephora birthday gift. I’ve been able to get the Sephora gift several times now and this year it included a mini mascara and lipstick from Make up Forever. To get this gift, simply go online and sign up for their beauty insider program. It’s free, and you’ll give them your email address. Then, two weeks before to two weeks after your birthday, you can walk in and get your gift when you tell them your email. If you’re shopping online, you can get it added to your purchase around your birthday but you do have to buy something in that case, they won’t just ship it on it’s own. If you spend enough during the year to become a VIB, I believe they add something to your birthday gift – I think this year it was a mini eyeliner. The birthday gifts change each year, also.

The second freebie I got was from Bare Minerals. If you join their points program (called FAB) you can get several perks including a customized beauty gift on your birthday that they pick based on a profile you fill out. To get this one, I had to print out an email and take it to the store, and no purchase was necessary. I think you can get it added on to an online purchase but I’m not positive. I got an eyeshadow for green eyes, although I can’t tell you the name because they marked it out. I’m guessing they do this to make sure no one tries to return it, which makes sense. It’s a very pretty color though and a full size, worth around $14. I’m not positive, but I think you can claim this gift within six weeks of your birthday.

So there you have it. If you’re not signed up with these two programs, what are you waiting for??


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