Review: L’oreal Preference Mousse Haircolor


Hi everyone. Sorry for the slow updates lately. I’ve been playing Wildstar (it’s like Wow meets the Sims…questing and house building) which is alot of fun but not great for my productivity! Before I get started on this review I want to mention that Baublebar is having a big summer sale with 50-80% off some items. They even have giftcards on sale. I love their weekly discounted items, free shipping, points, and great packaging. I picked up a necklace last night for ten bucks!

Moving on, let’s talk about hair color. Normally I pick up a box of Garnier hair color in Sweet Cola once every few months and darken my already brown hair that’s about waist length. I should absolutely use two boxes, but I never do. I started using the Garnier because it’s pretty easy to mix and apply, and it doesn’t smell too bad compared to alot of other brands. The color is okay, it’s nearly black and the ends of my hair turn very black for a week or so after using it, but I don’t really mind since with washing it lightens up a bit. Often I highlight my hair in the summer and darken it in the fall so I like to use something really dark to make sure it covers and also to make my green eyes stand out a little more.

Recently I saw a commercial for the new L’Oreal foam hair color and then watched the video about it on their website. I’ve never seen such a… glamorous hair dye how to video. So I was feeling pretty good about it and decided to try it instead of doing highlights. They advertise that this hair color can be reused, which is pretty neat. The downside to that it only applies to people with short hair, or who are just touching up roots, otherwise you’ll most likely use the whole bottle.

I wish I had taken a picture of the contents of the box, but I was anxious to get started. They advise that you do an allergy test two days ahead of time, by applying it to your inner elbow and leaving it uncovered and unwashed. I have no idea how you’re supposed to not wash your arm for two days because it specifies not to cover it. I decided to skip the allergy test but you should not do that! Take the allergy test! Follow the directions! Do as I say not as I do! And so on, and so forth. 😉

Anyway upon opening the box I found the container of haircolor that looks like the picture on the box, another cap for it, two pairs of black gloves (which we will henceforth refer to as mad scientist gloves because it makes me giggle), and a nice sized tube of conditioner to use weekly after coloring. My first impression was that it was very considerate to add two pairs of gloves since some people may be able to get two uses out of it. I also really like the cap system… the one that’s on the bottle initially seals it, and you switch to the other cap to disperse it. That means if you’re saving some for later, you just switch the caps back, rinse off the application one and use it again next time while your haircolor is resealed by the other.

Another nice feature of this haircolor is that there is nothing to mix. Everything is contained in the tube and you just switch the caps, shake it up, and go. (AFTER you’ve done your allergy test two days ahead of time, missy!) Something that confused me a bit is that the instructions repeatedly said to hold the bottle completely vertical and not tilt it, which is not as easy as it sounds as you’re moving it around your head. But anyway, I put on my mad scientist gloves, shook it up and got to work. Obviously you should be wearing old clothes and have a towel or whatever you normally do with haircolor at this point.

The foam system works exactly like dispersing shaving cream. It came out very easily and you’re supposed to rub it in as you apply it through your hair. I was surprised at how quick it was to apply to the roots, even though I had no experience with this kind of color. It was a little trickier to get it through the length of my hair, just like with any other dye and long hair. I continued to shake it occasionally as I worked and eventually the bottle started to sputter as it ran out of color. This part, I didn’t really like. Even though that will happen with a bottle applicator as well, at least you can see when it’s running low and not get dye splattered on you. As I mentioned with the other color, I really should have used two boxes, but I made it work. Since I’m only slightly darkening my hair I don’t worry too much about not having enough color. If I were going a completely different shade I would be more cautious about it.

Once I washed out the dye, the end result turned out very pretty. The color was very soft and subtle but definitely added some depth as well. At first I thought it was completely unnoticeable and I was a little disappointed, but in the light I realized how much more even and natural my color looked. The dye that I had got on my skin washed off easily and I didn’t end up looking like an alien from StarCrossed. There were definitely a few distinct pros and cons to this product though.

I loved the packaging and the ease of use, there was nothing to mix which saved time and effort. The color came out very pretty and I love that the conditioner came in a long tube to be used once a week rather than one single use packet. Still, there were several down sides to the product as well. First of all, it’s twice the cost of my old color; Garnier is around $7 and this is closer to $15. However that’s not too bad especially since I don’t color my hair that often. Secondly, the SMELL. This dye has a very strong chemical smell and more than once I had to leave the bathroom to get some air. If you have a window in your bathroom, it might not be an issue. Perhaps it isn’t any worse than most hair color and I’m just spoiled by the slightly chemical avacado scent of Garnier. Lastly, and this is my main problem with this color and why I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase it. It says right on the box that it covers grays beautifully. I have a few gray hairs that annoyingly, decided to sprout up right in the very front of my hair at the center of the part. It’s not alot, but since they are right in the front I definitely wanted them covered, rather than rip them out. This was the very first spot that I applied the color, so it was on that spot the longest and I was disappointed to see that they were not covered well. It’s not that they were left as is, either though. They were just blended in better and instead of standing out, their color was softened to look like they belonged. Since it’s been about two weeks since I colored, I am definitely starting to see them again though. I really would have preferred them to be covered completely, especially from something that advertises gray coverage. Maybe if I were using this color regularly it would do a better job.

Overall I had pretty good results with this color and I will definitely consider using it again. I’m not 100% sold, though. My hair still looks shiny and pretty soft. I would be interested in trying the L’oreal mousse in other shades as well. I like the shine and depth better than my old color, but perhaps I just need to try a lighter shade of the other brand. When I asked my family members, they said they noticed a subtle difference and that it looked more natural and less harsh than the other kind and said they preferred it. Have any of you tried foam hair color? What did you think?

Please be careful when using hair color and follow the instructions. This is my experience and impressions of the product, not a how to guide. Thanks!


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