Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner


After my last experience with Maybelline eyeliner (Master Duo), I wasn’t planning to buy another liner from them anytime soon. However, when I saw the Eye Studio Gel liner, along with it’s $8 price tag, I decided to give it a try. There aren’t alot of gel liners to choose from in that price range, and I thought I would give it a chance before going for a higher end brand.

This is a nice little gel pot that comes with its own brush. There is a good amount of product in this jar and it should last a long time, so it gets instant points for that. I hate finding a liner that I love only to have it run out too fast, especially the more expensive brands. In fact, that’s the only reason I stopped using the Eyeko liner in it’s cool little felt tip brush, it just runs out too fast for me to justify the price. Normally, brushes that are included with things like this are pretty cheap. The Eye Studio brush is actually not bad at all, and I like that it includes a cap. It’s important to note that you need to wipe off this brush between uses, or it will get too stiff to be useable. I’ve even washed it and it held up fine. Generally I like to use a slightly thinner brush with this liner to get a sharper wing, but I often use both, so don’t toss this brush before you give it a try.

Gel liner is a great choice for people who have a hard time making a steady line with liquid liner. It’s easier to work with and you can basically draw little dashes instead of a continuous line if needed. (I used Smashbox cream liner for years and it’s also great for that method, along with their flat edged brushes). Make sure you keep the jar sealed tightly when it’s not in use to make sure that it doesn’t dry out. This hasn’t been an issue for me but I’ve heard that some brands have that problem.

The Eye Studio gel itself is a good formula. I found the black shade to be nice and dark, although it does fade the slightest bit over the course of the day. I tend to be a little heavy handed with eyeliner, so a lighter application might not stay dark as long. I haven’t had any problems with this liner smearing or running, but sometimes after a few hours I will notice a few small flakes of it on my face. It’s nothing too noticeable and easy to clean up. Mistakes with this liner are also fairly easy to fix, so I like that. The only thing I really dislike about it is that it always transfers to the bottom edge of my tearduct, and since I don’t wear liner all the way around my eyes I have to wipe it off at least once a day.

Overall, this is a really good liner for the price. It goes on easily, lasts throughout the day, and is pretty easy to remove. You only need a small amount of product so the jar should last a really long time. For $8, it’s worth checking out. Honestly, I like it better than my sample of the new Benefit push up gel liner, which for me turns into a dry and crumbly mess. Perhaps I got a bad sample of that one because other people seem to love it. For now I just keep going back to the Maybelline. Have you tried this liner? What did you think? If you’re having bad results with it, try a different brush before giving up! Or you can even try setting it with a line of dark eyeshadow, that might help. Leave comments with your favorite eyeliner, I’m always looking for a new one to try.


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