The Benefits of Points

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These are the two limited edition Birchboxes that I bought recently. The one in blue is the Birchbox Mass Appeal box ($15) and the pink one is the Birchbox for CEW box ($18). Some of you might be wondering why I write about Birchbox alot when I’m not affiliated with them in any way. Well, I got the above two boxes for…one dollar.

That’s right, a dollar for both of those boxes full of cool products. How did I do it? First they offered an automatic $5 off if you bought both boxes together, bringing the total from $38 to $33. Then I used 200 birchbox points which dropped another $20 off the price, and then I used a coupon code they had sent me by email. On top of all that, I got free shipping because I have Ace status. Awesome deal! So when you join Birchbox, be sure to do your reviews and read all their emails, you’ll definitely want to get those points and watch out for coupon codes. Aces also get some other random perks and they are starting to let everyone have more choices in what arrives in your box each month. They’ve been sending out emails letting you choose one of your samples or choose a box with all of the samples listed, or have it all be a surprise. I really like that they’ve added some flexibility into it.

As far as the boxes themselves go, I’m loving them. There are still a couple of things I haven’t tried yet but I do want to review at least some of the items soon. Sadly I think the Mass Appeal box has sold out now, but they do have other limited edition boxes and they’ve added tons of things to their shop (including clothes!).

If you’d like to use my referral link and join Birchbox, click here. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays! Keep in mind that you can also give gift subscriptions in 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year increments as well.


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