Review: Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation


Several months ago I was looking for a new foundation, and went to Sephora to check out a few options. I ended up trying out the Bare Minerals BareSkin liquid foundation, since I was already using the Bare Minerals loose powder foundation. I liked the way it looked in the store, but they were out of my shade (Bare Shell). I checked out several other stores and later looked online, and everyone seemed to be out of this particular shade. Once it finally was back in stock the holidays were coming up and I had other things I needed to spend my money on. Finally a few weeks ago I was able to order a bottle of it from Nordstrom (free shipping yay!).

The foundation itself is about $29, and they sell a brush that goes with it for $28. The brush has two levels of bristles so that the inner circle makes a little ‘well’ to put the foundation in. It seemed like a nice brush at Sephora, but I just couldn’t justify the price, especially when I had only tried the BareSkin once and wasn’t sure how it would work for me.

Anyway, so I got the foundation and decided to use a Bare Minerals brush I already had. It’s similar enough to the regular foundation brushes, thick with tightly packed bristles and a flat top. (Though its slightly more rounded than most flat top brushes). This brush seems to work fine, but I still intend to experiment with some others and possibly a beauty blender.

The neat thing about BareSkin is that its a serum foundation, so it comes out in drops. You only need a few drops to cover your entire face, meaning less waste and making it a little easier to justify the price compared to a drugstore foundation. There are fewer ingredients in it as well, which is better for your skin but requires you to shake the bottle well to make sure the foundation hasn’t separated. I’m pretty sure they told me at Sephora to shake it between each drop, even. Initially, I ran into some application issues, which delayed my review a bit because I wanted to get the hang of it better before I made up my mind about it. First of all, if you shake it well with the cap on, sometimes that works fine, and sometimes you open the cap and foundation bubbles out of the top. This was causing me to waste a good bit of product, or to end up using too much trying NOT to waste product. Finally I found a solution on a forum, and could’ve kicked myself because it was so obvious. Take the cap off to shake it. DUH. (Be sure to cover the opening, obviously!) Doing it this way solved about 95% of my issues with the bottle bubbling, although once in a while it still bubbles out a little as soon as I open it, even without shaking. I try to handle it carefully when I’m putting the cap back on to make sure I’m not squeezing it. The cap also clicks into place which I like, because you know for sure that it’s closed tightly.

The first time I applied this foundation, I had to go wash it off. I tried putting dots of it directly on my face and blending from there, and it just didn’t work right for me. Now I shake the bottle, put a drop onto the back of my hand, swipe the brush through it and start blending, working on one side of my face at a time. This keeps me from getting too much product in any one spot, which is important because of my only real issue with the product; this stuff really clings to dry patches. My skin tends to be dry especially in winter with a few slightly flaky patches. Even though I use moisturizer before my foundation, I’ve had issues with the foundation really highlighting any dry spots. This was even a problem when they applied it to my face at Sephora, so I don’t think it’s something I’m doing wrong. The only solution I have is to exfoliate, generally using Clarisea products. Also my Josie Maran argan oil seems to be helping to keep my skin smoother.

I really like the coverage of the BareSkin. It looks natural and as long as I don’t put on too much, the finish is really pretty. It lasts all day on me although I’m not sure that someone with oily skin would have the same results. In fact I really don’t even have to touch it up at all from morning til night if I don’t want to. Initially I thought it made me look a bit pale, and then I realized it was just covering the redness on my face better than I had expected. When I apply it I make sure to not blot it directly onto dry areas, and instead blend it towards them. I can usually cover my whole face and blend it down my neck with maybe two drops or so. That’s pretty awesome. Overall I am really happy with the BareSkin foundation. Occasionally, even when I shake it well, it comes out runny, but even then it still works allright I just might need to use a little more. That could also have something to do with the fact that my bedroom where I keep it gets pretty cold at times.

Since no foundation will work perfectly with everyones skin, I definitely suggest getting a sample, but I love this stuff. I feel like it covers better and gives a nicer finish than the powder foundation, at least for me. I wouldn’t have expected to need such a light shade, so I’m glad I let the helpful person at Sephora choose that for me. I didn’t realize I was so pale! I like that it’s long lasting, I don’t need alot of product, and I can build up the coverage if necessary. I don’t currently use a primer or concealer with it but I might try those at some point. They recommend two drops for sheer coverage, four drops for medium coverage, and six for full coverage, but I can’t imagine needing six. I’m hoping this means that the bottle will last a long time, since it’s not exactly cheap. Aside from the occasional bubbles I like the packaging as well. I do tend to have trouble actually removing it when I wash my face, but maybe I just haven’t found the right cleanser yet. I’m happy to have found this product and I don’t think I’ll be shopping for a new foundation for quite a while!


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