I’m a bit late posting this, and I’m not sure when the sale ends exactly, but Ahava has a great sale going on right now. Some of the items are up to 62% off. If you use the code BRADSGIFT you can get a free bonus 5 piece starter set (normally sold for $20 and valued at $32) free with your order thanks to the site Brad’s Deals. Check out the comforting cream which is $17, marked down from $45. They also offered another bonus set for $12 at checkout. I picked up the comforting cream, anti aging hand cream, a mud mask exfoliator and the free 5 piece set for just over 40 bucks total. You can get free shipping over $50 or sign up for a free trial of shoprunner and get free shipping over $25. Ahava lets you choose three free samples, and two of the options are reusable shopping totes. Pretty nice haul! They have referral codes and links, but honestly I have no idea what the rewards are for referrals so I’m not going to bother posting that. I also read that you can get an extra 20% off of your order with the code DEALMOON. I don’t *think* the codes stack, so you will probably have to choose between the extra 20% off or the 5 piece gift. (I went with the gift because with the holidays coming up, it’s good to have an extra present on hand). If anyone knows when this sale ends let me know and I’ll update this post. Thanks, enjoy!

Oh and if you’re unsure what to try from Ahava, I recommend the Dermud foot cream, it’s great stuff!


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