Welcome To Glamdox! My name is Ray (not really, but it’s my nickname so let’s go with it), and I love makeup. Actually, this is starting out like a makeup anonymous meeting, let’s start that over. I’m Southern, I’m a little over 25 (early 30s, shutup) but fully intend on claiming to be 25 for the next 5 years and/or as long as I can reasonably pull it off without people laughing when I tell them that. I have a particular attachment to nail polish and eye makeup, but I generally like a wide variety of cosmetics.

The site is called Glamdox after my two beautiful (and glamorous!), and slightly spoiled mini dachshunds that I adore. They are both female and currently sporting leather collars with their names in rhinestone letters. Yeah, that spoiled. I’m sarcastic and silly, and I try to tell it like it is while sparing your feelings as best I can. I basically started this blog because I’m always buying another nail polish or product, and I figured as long as I’m using this stuff, I may as well review it too! If you disagree with my opinions, I’d love to hear about it in the comments (in the kindest way possible, of course, we Southerners don’t take kindly to rudeness!) Enjoy your visit, leave lots of comments, and please let me know if you end up trying something based on my reviews!

Camophile has been a dear friend of mine for many years. He has graciously agreed to contribute to the site by reviewing mens products, since that is clearly not my area of expertise. I love his sense of humor and his writing style is similar (but better!) than mine, so I think we make a good team.

Please also remember that all of the reviews posted here are simply based on our own personal experiences. It is your responsibility to do your own research and know exactly what you are buying. I’m not here to give you ingredient lists or warnings about potential problems with products. If you have specific allergies, you should be especially careful to find out what is in a product before you buy it. This is a beauty site for entertainment purposes only. I’ll let you know about things I’ve used and loved, liked, or hated… the rest is up to you. 🙂 Everyone is different and no one product will work the same for everyone; just because I disliked or loved something does not guarantee you’ll have the same results. Sorry for the disclaimer, just want to be clear.


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