Stupid Rants

Stupid Rants

The title says it all, you can’t say you weren’t warned! ; ) If I update this, I’ll add new ones to the top, rather than the bottom, to save your valuable scrolling time. I’m nice like that. And please don’t read into this and think that I’m cranky and bitter, I’m just sarcastic and I make myself laugh over stupid things. Enjoy!

  • I’m a little insulted that they still charge extra for faded, or ‘destroyed’ jeans. Pay more for jeans that wear out sooner.. that makes sense. I can ruin my own jeans you guys, I’ve been doing it for years! Next time I really need to just buy normal jeans, and run over them with my car five or six times. Stylish!
  • I hate the little boxes that make you confirm you’re a human to post a comment. I get them wrong alot, and I’m fairly certain I’m still human. (Or a vampire. Possibly a pod person. But basically human). I understand the point of them, but when they go to the extreme that its all smooshed together, lopsided, and blurry to the point that I have to do it four times just to get it right, that’s just being a jerk you..spam..protector…people. Somewhere, somebody is going “if a human can’t read it, neither can a robot! We’ve solved the spam problem you guys!!”
  • Have you seen that commercial that says, “Still sorting your laundry the old fashioned way?” (Or something to that effect). They say it like all the cool kids are washing white shirts with red dresses now. If you’re still sorting laundry, the way basically 84.6% of all humans do (totally made up statistic), then you’re doing it wrong. You’re not down with the new laundry technology. You’re so behind the times, grandma. Do you really NEED to wash colors and whites together anyway? I’m not talking about those confusing things like, a white shirt with red stripes… colors.. whites… I dont know. I’m talking about the fact that most of us have a landfills worth of laundry and are gonna have to do more than one load regardless.
  • It’s not skin tight, it must be ‘boyfriend’. I am so freaking tired of seeing the word boyfriend slapped on any non-fitted clothing item the fashion industry can throw at us. If I read another item description that says “Petal Pink Boyfriend Lace Top” I’m going to have to throw something. If your boyfriend is wearing pink lace tops, you have more problems than a boyfriend fitted cardigan can solve. Boyfriend jeans? Who wears their boyfriends jeans anyway? Do they fit you? Maybe they do. I can’t say I’ve ever tried that one…mainly because – luckily, I do own my own pants.
  • Breakfast meals where the entire plate worth of food is rolled together into some form of shell or tortilla. Enough said.
  • Sneaky shipping costs. It really annoys me to find a good deal on something online, only to find out that their shipping costs more than the item itself. What is up with that? Overstock can send me a couch for three dollars, why can’t you ship a scarf for less than nine??

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