Clarisonic Diary: Week 5 & 6

[Sorry for the slow updates, had alot of work lately]

Previously, I was doing a Clarisonic update each week to talk about my experiences with my Mia 2. It was starting to feel a little repetitive though, I don’t want to spend every week saying, “my skin feels soft!” even though that’s pretty much the case. That being said, this is going to be my last update on that, at least for a while.

So far, the most important thing I’ve learned about the Mia 2 is that you really do need to use it twice a day for best results. On the days that I’ve skipped a use, or skipped the whole day, it seems almost a setback for the progress I’ve made. Secondly, the brush heads really do make a difference. At first I was a little wary of the deep pore brush, and I thought maybe I would use it once a week or so. The last week or so I’ve been using it more often and I can definitely see a difference. It really does give you a more deep down clean, and I feel like it’s something I need to use several times a week, or perhaps even every other day.

As I keep saying, my skin is SO soft. I’ve had alot of issues in the past with dry, flaky combination skin and acne, and my face and neck have never been this soft before. I’m still using the Marine Cream from the Birchbox now and then, so my skin is looking really smooth. I’m not totally convinced that the Purity is the best cleanser for me personally, though I do like it. I experimented with putting it directly on the brush head vs. putting it on my face, and have found that I like to lather the purity in my hands a little and rub it all over my face prior to using the Mia on it. As soon as I put water on the Clarisonic, I also shake it a few times (carefully) since I start on my forehead and don’t want a bunch of water and soap running into my eyes first thing. Cleaning and charging are really simple.. about once a week, generally on Sunday night, I take the brush head off and wash everything in antibacterial soap, dry it all off, and let the Mia charge overnight. By the end of the week the light will usually be flashing so I know it’s time to charge it. However I do a 1 minute cycle on my face, then another on my neck and to sort of ‘touch up’ any spots I need to. If you use it for just one cycle each time, the battery will last longer.

I can’t say that the Clarisonic is a miracle product that solved every skin issue I had overnight. However, I can say that it’s made my skin smoother, softer, and a good bit clearer with smaller pores. I still use a face mask once a week or so, and even someone like me who isn’t obsessively diligent about my skincare routine can have really good results with it. I feel that the Mia 2 is a really good investment if you have any sort of mild skin concerns. Check out their website for more specific FAQs, and leave us comments if you’ve used the Clarisonic before. At some point I would really like to get the full size to use in the shower, but the Mia 2 is pretty awesome on it’s own. That’s all for now!


Clarisonic Diary: Week 3

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make an update about my progress with the Clarisonic Mia 2. Last week I mentioned that I had been really slacking and not using it twice per day the way you’re supposed to. Because of this, let’s just consider this update to be what should have happened during week two.

Since the Purpose soap was becoming too drying for me to use twice per day, I decided to go ahead and start using the Philosophy Purity that came with the Clarisonic. I had used Purity several years ago, but thought that I remembered being unimpressed by it. So this past week I’ve been using my Clarisonic twice per day (although I still missed a time or two) with the Purity soap exclusively. I’m no longer using Purpose bar soap at all. I have to say, it’s made a big difference. After using the Purity with the Mia, my skin feels so soft and clean. The flakiness is gone and my skin overall looks better. I’ve had one small breakout, but I don’t think it was from the Purity.

I’m really happy with my Clarisonic. I feel like my skin is cleaner, the dryness has improved, and the overall tone and texture is a bit better. It’s not a huge difference so far, but I feel like I’m making progress toward healthier looking skin. The redness that I often have has toned down and my face and neck feel soft. The downside to that is that I keep touching my face! Luckily I’m somewhat of a compulsive hand washer, so maybe that’s not too bad. 😉

My impression of the Mia 2 is very favorable. It’s easy to hold, extremely fast to use, and I love having the light on the handle to flash when it needs to be charged. Charging is a little slower than I expected, but luckily it doesn’t need to be done that often. I charge it overnight about once a week, after using it twice a day with two 1 minute cycles each use (one for face, a second cycle for my neck and little ‘touch ups’). If you only did the one minute cycle, you would charge it even less. It’s easy to remove the brush head for cleaning or to change it, they snap on and off like a child proof cap. I still haven’t used my deep pore brush head, but will probably start using it a few times per week. After using the Clarisonic, the brush stays very wet. If you put the cap back on (which does have air holes) it probably won’t be dry by the next use. I generally try to dry it off on a towel before replacing the cap. I think I read somewhere that you can dry it by rubbing it on a towel while it’s on, but I’m not sure if that’s recommended to do every time. The only other little quirk is that while you can pause it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off. Once on, it has to run it’s complete one minute cycle before it turns off. This isn’t a huge deal since it’s only a minute, but still kind of odd. Overall I am very happy with my Mia 2 and have not experienced any ‘purging’ breakouts that people sometimes mention, and if I had it to do over again I would definitely still get it.

Clarisonic Diary: Week Two

This was supposed to be my update on my second week of using the Clarisonic Mia 2. However, things got hectic and my sleeping habits became even more backwards than usual and I missed a few nights sleep. That threw off my skincare routine quite a bit. In the middle of all this, my face got really dry, flaky, and tight. I’m not blaming the Clarisonic for that, because I have been really slacking in my use of it this week. I think using the Purpose soap twice a day is the main cause.

Today I used my June Jacobs mask which helped very much with the flakiness, and my skin immediately looked better. When I got home I washed off my makeup with the Purpose soap and Clarisonic. I think tomorrow I’ll start using the Philosophy Purity instead, and see if that helps. I’m still loving the Clarisonic, but we’re just not going to count this week since I didn’t use it enough to note any changes.

Clarisonic Diary: Week 1

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! With the start of each new year, most of us write out, (or at least casually consider) a few resolutions to make our year better than the previous one. I’m the type of person who makes alot of resolutions during the year, rather than just on New Year’s Eve, although that doesn’t mean I’m any more dedicated to following through! This year, one of my resolutions/plans/random thoughts, or whatever you want to call it, is to take better care of my skin.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m a big fan of makeup and all things cosmetic, but skincare often gets bumped a little lower on the priorities list. That was my main reason for getting a Clarisonic this Christmas. Now that I have one, I thought I’d share my experience with you a little bit. I’ll try to post about this on a weekly basis, so that if you’re considering trying one out you can have an idea of what to expect. I don’t think I’m brave enough to post makeup-free update pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Week 1 – Started using the Clarisonic Mia 2 on Christmas Day. It’s now one week later, and I’m already seeing some minor changes in my skin. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting out using Purpose bar soap that I was already using, rather than the included cleanser (Purity). Twice a day I wet my face and rub the soap directly on my skin, rather than on the brush, wet the brush slightly and go over my face with the Mia for one minute as per the instructions. I turn it on one more time to go over my neck. A few nights I have fallen asleep or for some other reason only used the Clarisonic once for that day, but have been using it everyday. My skin feels softer when I touch my face, and the winter flakiness has improved a bit. I still haven’t tried the deep pore brush, but will probably do that within the next week. Last night I took the brush head off and washed everything with antibacterial soap, the instructions say to do this once a week. The brush head removes like a child safety cap, so it wasn’t a big deal to take it apart. After I used it again, the light on the handle was flashing (as it did yesterday morning) to indicate that the battery was getting low. I plugged it in, and this is the first time I’ve charged it since the initial 24 hour charge when I opened it. It’s taking a little longer to charge than I thought, but since this doesn’t need to be done that often it isn’t a big issue. I’ve noticed that the sensitive brush head is starting to feel slightly rougher on my skin than it did at first, and I think that’s due to the fact that my face is now more exfoliated and soft. So far I am really enjoying using the Clarisonic, and I really like how clean my skin feels. As a mineral makeup user, I have often felt like washing my face was leaving traces of makeup behind. Now my skin feels thoroughly clean and my products seem to be going on a little better too.

In other news, I had initially said that the Julep Glycolic Acid Hand Scrub had a super watery texture. Luckily, my friend Cricket also recieved the scrub, and mentioned that it helps to shake it up. Whoops! So I shook mine up, and found that it helped alot. There are seeds in there, who knew?! It’s exfoliatey! Sorry for not having the common sense to try that in the first place, lol. Anyway, it’s working much better and my hands feel really soft, I like it! I’m still unsure about the Julep nail polish, however, as the red shade I am wearing (Catherine) began chipping after only one day. I’m reserving a final judgement until I can try it with a base and top coat, and ‘swipe the ends’ to seal them, as they suggested. I’ll be posting a comparison of Catherine with Zoya’s Sookie in the next day or so, since they seem to be very similar in color. Catherine is a gorgeous color, and the Julep program seems really cool, but I’m not happy with all this tip wear. Further testing is needed before I make up my mind whether I will be staying with Julep Maven this month.

On Twitter, Zoya has posted that there is a big promotion coming on Tuesday, so keep an eye out! They have also posted the new spring collection, and a few of the nail polish sites have swatches. Also you can look forward to a guest post soon from my friend Cricket, who has promised NOT to write about the mating habits of tree slugs. That’s all for now!

I Must’ve Been Good This Year

Hi everyone! Hope that you all had an amazing Christmas! (And Hanukkah of course) I hope that Santa brought you all some lovely gifts, and more importantly, that you got to spend quality time with the people you love. I thought I would make a post to show you guys what I got for Christmas.

On Christmas day I woke up to dry, flaky skin. Luckily I grabbed my June Jacobs Enzyme mask from one of my Birchboxes, and it saved the day. My skin was soft and smooth. Thankfully, now it’s getting a little extra help courtesy of Santa..

A Clarisonic Mia 2 in pink giraffe print. Ooooh.(*Sparkles added for dramatic effect)

(*Sparkles also added because I’m still trying to distract you guys from the fact that I never remember to charge my camera batteries, so I generally take cellphone pictures. It must be working too, because so far I haven’t seen anyone complaining in the comments).

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic for a long time now, and have even tried to win one through their site on many occasions. I have struggled with (that sounds entirely too dramatic) dealt with acne and dry skin issues since I was a teenager.. you know, just a couple years ago..*cough*.. and I’m always looking for something to make my skin look smooth, clear, and even. I used Proactiv for a long time, and had good results with it, but it’s a pretty harsh formula (we’re talking bleaching your pillow cases), and it gets expensive to constantly buy. So, the Clarisonic seemed like a more natural solution to work on some of my skin issues.

I got it on Christmas Eve, and it needed to charge for 24 hours before the first use. I’ve used it about five times so far, and I think I like it pretty well. My kit came with a sensitive brush head, a deep pore cleansing brush head, magnetic charger, the plastic travel case that you see it napping in, and a little bottle of Philosophy Real Purity. So far I am just using the sensitive brush head, and some cheap Purpose soap that I have been using for a while. The last time I tried Purity, I think it made me break out, but I can’t remember for sure. I don’t want to change too many things at once, so that if I do break out, I will know what it’s from.

The Mia is really nice to use, the handle is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water leaking in, and one of the new features of the Mia 2 is a one minute timer. The instructions say to use it for 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each of your cheeks. I turn it on again and use it on my neck as well. It feels pretty gentle, although I might eventually order the delicate brush head, since you have to replace the brushes every few months anyway. I love the magnetic charger that just snaps on to the handle, and the Mia 2 has a light on the buttons that pulses while it charges, and stays lit when it is fully charged. Using the Clarisonic on your nose feels really, really strange/ticklish.. but I’ll get used to it I’m sure. I love the fact that it takes so little time, and it makes my skin feel really clean when I’m removing makeup. I’ll post an update in a few weeks and let you guys know if I’m seeing any improvement in my skin.