Julep Offer

As I’ve mentioned before, I tried the Julep Maven program for a bit but ended up cancelling it because the polish just wasn’t for me. However it is a good program if you like their polish and enjoy monthly boxes of manicure stuff. (They always have deals to try the first box free or for 1 cent, but cancelling can be tricky). Anyway, I still get their emails and they have an interesting new product for people who have trouble painting their nails. It’s a long handled wand that magnetically attaches to their new polish caps. It will also have striping and dotting tool attachments. I’m not sure how well this would work, but it’s definitely a cool concept. Even cooler than that, they are selling a polish magnet that hangs on the wall and stores the bottles vertically, since the new caps are magnetic. These wands will be in the Maven boxes this May and you can reserve them now, but they also have other options available to help fund this project. Here’s the link if you’d like to read about it and watch their demonstration.


Catherine Vs. Sookie

As promised, here is a little comparison of Catherine by Julep (left) and Zoya’s Sookie (right). They are really similar, but in good lighting you can tell that Catherine is just a little bit darker. They are both lovely, though.I’m still unsure about whether I will continue to receive the Julep Maven boxes. While the 1 cent box was obviously an incredible value, and bought them some loyalty in my book, $20 is still alot to pay for a monthly box. I am also taking into account the fact that the polish chipped very quickly for me, but I have only tried one of the colors so far. Catherine was really pretty while it lasted. One more thing I wanted to point out that my friend discovered, and let me know – that once joining the Maven program, the only way to cancel it is by phone. I’m definitely not thrilled about that, but I’m sure they didn’t want to make it *too* easy to get a 1 cent box and then quit. I think I signed up too late to get the January box, so I guess I’ll make up my mind once they send out the February previews in a couple of weeks. The one cent code apparently does not work anymore, but you can get an intro box for $5 with the code JANUARY. Here is my referral link if you’d like to use it, thanks! http://www.julep.com/?r=18201691

Also keep in mind that the code for any 2 free bottles of Zoya works until the 9th! Just pay for shipping, so around $6.95 I believe. (The code is for full size bottles which are normally $8 each, plus shipping. Only the new spring collection colors/fleck are excluded from the code).

Clarisonic Diary: Week 1

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! With the start of each new year, most of us write out, (or at least casually consider) a few resolutions to make our year better than the previous one. I’m the type of person who makes alot of resolutions during the year, rather than just on New Year’s Eve, although that doesn’t mean I’m any more dedicated to following through! This year, one of my resolutions/plans/random thoughts, or whatever you want to call it, is to take better care of my skin.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m a big fan of makeup and all things cosmetic, but skincare often gets bumped a little lower on the priorities list. That was my main reason for getting a Clarisonic this Christmas. Now that I have one, I thought I’d share my experience with you a little bit. I’ll try to post about this on a weekly basis, so that if you’re considering trying one out you can have an idea of what to expect. I don’t think I’m brave enough to post makeup-free update pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Week 1 – Started using the Clarisonic Mia 2 on Christmas Day. It’s now one week later, and I’m already seeing some minor changes in my skin. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting out using Purpose bar soap that I was already using, rather than the included cleanser (Purity). Twice a day I wet my face and rub the soap directly on my skin, rather than on the brush, wet the brush slightly and go over my face with the Mia for one minute as per the instructions. I turn it on one more time to go over my neck. A few nights I have fallen asleep or for some other reason only used the Clarisonic once for that day, but have been using it everyday. My skin feels softer when I touch my face, and the winter flakiness has improved a bit. I still haven’t tried the deep pore brush, but will probably do that within the next week. Last night I took the brush head off and washed everything with antibacterial soap, the instructions say to do this once a week. The brush head removes like a child safety cap, so it wasn’t a big deal to take it apart. After I used it again, the light on the handle was flashing (as it did yesterday morning) to indicate that the battery was getting low. I plugged it in, and this is the first time I’ve charged it since the initial 24 hour charge when I opened it. It’s taking a little longer to charge than I thought, but since this doesn’t need to be done that often it isn’t a big issue. I’ve noticed that the sensitive brush head is starting to feel slightly rougher on my skin than it did at first, and I think that’s due to the fact that my face is now more exfoliated and soft. So far I am really enjoying using the Clarisonic, and I really like how clean my skin feels. As a mineral makeup user, I have often felt like washing my face was leaving traces of makeup behind. Now my skin feels thoroughly clean and my products seem to be going on a little better too.

In other news, I had initially said that the Julep Glycolic Acid Hand Scrub had a super watery texture. Luckily, my friend Cricket also recieved the scrub, and mentioned that it helps to shake it up. Whoops! So I shook mine up, and found that it helped alot. There are seeds in there, who knew?! It’s exfoliatey! Sorry for not having the common sense to try that in the first place, lol. Anyway, it’s working much better and my hands feel really soft, I like it! I’m still unsure about the Julep nail polish, however, as the red shade I am wearing (Catherine) began chipping after only one day. I’m reserving a final judgement until I can try it with a base and top coat, and ‘swipe the ends’ to seal them, as they suggested. I’ll be posting a comparison of Catherine with Zoya’s Sookie in the next day or so, since they seem to be very similar in color. Catherine is a gorgeous color, and the Julep program seems really cool, but I’m not happy with all this tip wear. Further testing is needed before I make up my mind whether I will be staying with Julep Maven this month.

On Twitter, Zoya has posted that there is a big promotion coming on Tuesday, so keep an eye out! They have also posted the new spring collection, and a few of the nail polish sites have swatches. Also you can look forward to a guest post soon from my friend Cricket, who has promised NOT to write about the mating habits of tree slugs. That’s all for now!

The Best Thing I Ever Got For A Penny

As you have probably noticed, a penny doesn’t buy very much these days. So obviously, anything you could get for one cent would basically HAVE to be a good deal, right? (Don’t start posting examples like pre-chewed gum, just work with me here. Although, that’s exactly what I would do if I were a reader, so okay, feel free to post things that would be a bad deal even for one cent).

Moving on, I mentioned a few days ago that I had signed up for the Julep Maven program, because it is usually $19.99 per month and they had a sale going where the first month was reduced to $10. Then the sale was reduced again to $5 for the first month, and then finally down to an impressive one cent. I bet you’re curious what my penny bought me, aren’t you?

…I know, right? That is a pretty awesome deal. Inside my Julep Maven box was a little gift bag containing a full sized Glycolic Hand Scrub, two nail polishes, a jar of purple nail glitter, and a small sample packet of the hand scrub. Can I just take a moment to point out that those nail polishes, which I’m fairly certain are also full sized, sell on their site for $14.00 each?  The polishes in my box were a classic bright red and a grape-y purple shade. The Facial For Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub is listed as $32. I don’t see the glitter listed individually on the site, but we’ll assume that’s worth at least a dollar, and then a bonus little sample packet. So that adds up to around $61 total. Holy crap. I knew it was an awesome deal, but really, that’s super impressive.

Is there a catch? Well, the truth is I don’t know. The coupon code was for your first box, and you are supposed to be able to cancel at any time. I haven’t tried to cancel it yet, so I’m not sure if that will be difficult. As far as the box itself goes, it was an amazing deal. It would’ve still been a great deal even if you had the regular monthly subscription of $20.

I immediately put on the red polish to try it out. The formula is a little different than the polishes I normally use. It has a thinner texture and is a little less forgiving than Zoya, my standard favorite brand. Thin enough that while I was concentrating on not getting red polish all over my cuticles, a drop of polish fell off the top of the brush and landed on my pants. That was entirely my fault for not sitting at a desk to do my nails, but still something to be careful of. Even though the polish wasn’t as thick as some, one coat covered my nails really nicely. I added a second coat to even it out a little and catch any missed spots, but I could have easily just gone with one. The color is bright and pretty, it looks really nice on and reminds me of Zoya Sookie. The only drawback is that after only one day I already have a small chip and very slight tip wear. This might just be due to my application of it though, so I’m definitely not writing this polish off. And full disclosure – I used neither a base coat nor a top coat, because I rarely do.

The hand scrub was really interesting. It came nicely boxed, and I was happy to see that it was sealed under the flip cap, so that nothing leaked in shipping. I was expecting this to be some sort of lotion consistency, with some kind of exfoliating beads or something in it. I was quite surprised to find that it’s a really watery, liquid consistency. Suddenly the sealed cap made much more sense. I applied it to my damp hands as per the instructions, rubbed my hands together for a bit and rinsed it off. My hands felt soft and smooth. I’m use hand lotion pretty often, so I didn’t notice a huge difference right away, but I think it did help. I’ve only used it once so far, but it was really easy and has great reviews, so I will continue to use it. If it does what it promises, it should be a great item to have in these cold winter months, especially since I tend to wash my hands quite a bit. (Slight germaphobe. Dont judge me).

Overall, this was definitely worth signing up for. I’m anxious to try out the purple polish and I would love to get another Maven box to check out. I think the idea of a beauty subscription for nail polish and manicure/pedicure products is great. I love that the polishes exclude the nasty chemicals, like Zoya does. I also really liked the squared polish bottles because they look pretty, are easy to store, and are easier to hold while painting your nails than some other bottles. I’m not convinced that these polishes are worth $14 each, and I would really be hesitant to pay $20 a month to be a member. If you’re a fan of Julep polishes, it does seem like you would get your moneys worth and more each month.

As with many of the other beauty subscription services, you start off with a quiz to determine your style. This supposedly allows them to tailor your box a little more toward your tastes. My quiz result was “Bombshell” in case you’re interested. They show you the colors before they ship, and you are allowed to request another ‘shelf pull’ if you don’t like the colors chosen. (Great idea). You can also choose to skip a month, or have your box sent to a friend (also great), and they have benefits for referring friends. Julep offered mystery boxes in limited quantities for $20 over the holidays that all seemed to be a pretty good value. Some people got 2 or 3 polishes and a few other items, while other lucky people got about 10 polishes, nail decals, etc. Anyway, they seem like a pretty cool company, and I’ve already seen what the Bombshell box for January looks like, and I’d love to get it, though I’m not sure I will. I’m hoping that if I need to cancel it will be fast and easy. All in all my only two issues are the cost of the monthly box (since I already subscribe to Birchbox), and the fact that the polish chipped so quickly. Next time I wear this color I will definitely try a topcoat.

If you’re interested in trying Julep Maven, I am not sure if the one cent box deal is still running, but the code I used was SHAREON. Here is my referral link if you’d care to use it http://www.julep.com/?r=18201691

Julep Maven

*Spoiler: This ends with a coupon code. Scroll down if you don’t want to read my rambling 🙂

Since you guys know how I love nail polish, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I’ve been eyeing the Julep site ever since I came across it via YouTube or Twitter or whatever shiny website I happened to be staring at that day. (Was that a long sentence, or what? Also, spell check says I spelled eyeing wrong, but eying looks even more wrong. Oh well). Julep Maven is yet another monthly subscription, this one focusing on nail polish and manicure/pedicure type things.

Normally, joining Julep Maven costs $19.95 a month. Yes, I know, yikes. That’s a little steep. They also have various kits you can purchase and mystery boxes. I saw one persons mystery box, and holy crap it was impressive. But that’s not to say that every mystery box is equally as good. (I have no idea if mystery boxes are chosen for you based on your quiz results, or if it is random). Anyway, I saw a few deals here and there where you could sign up for $10, which sounds like a pretty good bargain. However, as my Christmas list was still not completely checked off, I decided to pass on it. Then a code popped up for $5 for the first month, which sounded like a great deal and I made a mental note to come back to it once my shopping was complete. Today, I see a code saying that you can sign up and get your first box for ONE. CENT. Needless to say, I jumped on it. I’ve never tried Julep polishes, but they are chemical free and come in pretty little bottles that look like lipgloss. (Just make sure you don’t mistake them for lipgloss!). Supposedly, you can cancel at any time and they seem to have a nice referral program. If you’re a Julep member, please comment and let us know what you think of it!

And if you’d like to sign up for this one cent deal, the code is SHAREON and here’s a link http://www.julep.com/?r=18201691