Review: Birchbox Salma Hayak Nuance Box

I meant to review this ages ago but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Sorry about that! But without further delay, here’s my review of the Salma Hayak Nuance Birchbox. (I received this box and these products absolutely free for being a Birchbox subscriber).


AM/PM Anti Aging Super Cream – This sample came in a small clear jar, packaged in a little box (center of image). I love the little jar because it actually clicks and locks the lid into place. I really liked the idea of a morning and night cream and I was hoping that this would work well for me. Unfortunately, my acne prone skin didn’t take very well to it, and after one use I seemed to break out more, so I stopped using it. It seemed like a nice product and I would’ve liked to continue using it, maybe I’ll try it again one of these days. The full size of this is $19.99.

Super Secret Moisturizing Body Cream – This was a FULL sized bottle of lotion ($15 value) and I was really excited about that. Initially, I wasn’t crazy about the smell but I did get used to it, and it doesn’t linger too much on your skin. It does a great job of moisturizing and my skin continued to stay soft for a long time after each use. I don’t use it everyday, but I do use it on a regular basis and I think it’s a great product that’s worth the price. I will probably buy more when I run out.

Mamey Fruit Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner – I love that both the shampoo and conditioner were included in this box, to let you see how they work together. The samples were a decent size and I got several uses out of them. The shampoo and conditioner had an overall pleasant scent which other people seemed to like even more than I did. I wouldn’t say they were spectacular, but they were definitely good and I did end up purchasing the full size of both. The only thing I dislike is that the slim bottles of the full size, while nice to look at, don’t hold alot of product. They are $7.99 each so just take a look at the fl oz compared to what you usually use, before you make up your mind about trying them.

Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio – This was the product that I was most looking forward to trying, because I love eye makeup. The stick design is fantastic for throwing in your purse yet still giving you a good amount of product. One end has liquid eyeshadow, the other end has eyeliner, and the middle is a highlighter. Again I just have to point out how much I love the packaging. I’ve seen products like Mark that have different things on each end, but this was really well done. The end cap that has the eyeliner was especially nice, because it’s still a twist up, soft eyeliner. The highlighter is like a white lipstick with a rounded end, and the shadow has a little doefoot applicator. I naturally assumed that the packaging was the gimmick, and that the products themselves would.. quite frankly, suck. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case at all. The trio I recieved had a nice shimmery brown shadow, that went on easily and looked quite pretty when dry. The only trick to this is to not over apply it, otherwise it can look too thick and a little creased. Just put it on quickly, let it dry and then blend a little if you want. The black eyeliner twists up easily, goes on smoothly and fast, and lasts a long time. It’s difficult to get a winged edge with it, but you can use a brush and blend it out into one. I actually like this liner better than my Mally eyeliner.  The highlighter goes on soft and is super easy to blend with your fingers for a little shimmer on the browbone and inner corners, etc. I love this product for when I’m in a hurry and it’s a great item to take with you. I probably wouldn’t leave it anywhere where it might get too hot, as the highlighter is already soft and could potentially melt, but otherwise it’s awesome. For travel or unexpected overnight stays this is ideal. All you need is a mini mascara and you’ve got an entire eye look in two little tubes. I would guess that the eye trio is around 6-8 inches long, but that’s just off the top of my head. Full size is $8.79 and worth every penny in my opinion.

Nuance products are sold exclusively at CVS. This box was provided for free to certain Birchbox subscribers whose profile showed that they might be interested in trying it. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Birchbox?) To get your own Birchbox, click here!


Salma Hayek Nuance Birchbox

I was excited today to find that my Nuance Birchbox by Salma Hayek had arrived in my mailbox. Earlier this month, Birchbox emailed me and said that based on my profile selections they thought I might be interested in trying some new products from this line. I was given the choice to ‘opt in’ and receive this box completely free, in addition to (not instead of!) my regular May Birchbox. How awesome is that?? I wasn’t sure I was going to get it, because they said opting in did not guarantee you a box, and that you should receive an email in mid May if you were going to get it. I never got an email, the box just arrived suddenly. It was larger than a regular Birchbox and definitely heavier, and this is what was inside.


There is a (full sized!) body cream, an anti-aging super cream, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and a 3-1 eyeshadow, liner and highlighter. So far I’ve only tried the body cream but I’ll post a full review once I’ve tried everything. They also included a $2 off coupon for Nuance products from CVS. This box was awesome and I’m so impressed by the selection and the generous sizes. I even liked the box it came in, which could be reused to store something. Thank you Birchbox!! My birthday is in a week so this was a cool surprise. 🙂 Don’t worry if you didn’t get selected to try this box, I’ve seen them offer an extra free box like this before (didn’t get the other one) so there’s always the chance to get one from another brand in the future.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that sends deluxe samples for $10 a month and has an awesome points reward system. To get your own Birchbox, click here.

Nuance Salma Hayek Birchbox

If you’re a Birchbox subscriber, check your email closely the next few days. Over the weekend I received an email from Birchbox that said that based on my beauty profile, they thought I would enjoy a free collection of Nuance products from Salma Hayek’s line. (Yes, I would!) The email said that this box will include five samples and be sent in ADDITION to my regular Birchbox, not instead of, and be completely free. Awesome!! Do you see why I love Birchbox? The email gave the option to ‘opt in’ which I of course did, and it said that you must opt in before May 7. Since they mentioned that it was based on profiles, I am guessing that they are only offering this box to people who have selected certain profile options. I remember some people receiving a similar box from a different brand a while back. I have no idea if the length of time that you’ve been a subscriber has anything to do with whether or not you are selected for this offer. They also said that opting in does not guarantee you for the box, but if I get one, I will definitely post pictures. It should arrive in mid May.

As a side note, I did once try some of the Nuance shampoo and was not that impressed. I remember telling my friend that the scent reminded me a little bit of old people and some sort of spices, (who doesn’t want to smell like spicy old people?) However the shampoo in the email image looks slightly different, perhaps there are different scents or formulas – I can’t remember anything specific about the one that I tried. I’m hoping that it might work better when used with the conditioner, and I’m still interested in trying out other products from the line. I can’t really tell if all of the boxes will be the same, or if you may get different Nuance products. Either way, I’m excited to have the chance to try it since my experience with the brand was only a one time use.

I don’t think the invitations for these boxes went out all at once. I saw a blog post where someone had written about it several days before I got mine. As I said, I’m not sure how they selected who to offer these to. Generally, when a box is curated by a specific person like this, it is offered INSTEAD of that month’s Birchbox and you can opt in if you’d like. The other time that I’ve seen them do this was with some brand that started with a V, but I was not offered that box and cannot remember the brand. Did any of you guys get the email? If so, did anyone decide not to get it?

So just to clarify what you actually get when you subscribe to Birchbox, I’ll sum it up since I haven’t described it in detail recently. For $10 a month you receive 5-6 deluxe beauty samples, shipped for free and chosen based on a beauty profile that you fill out (though sometimes the samples are hit or miss). Occasionally your box might include a full sized item (yay!) or sometimes one of your items might be food related like a granola bar or a piece of chocolate. They are also really fond of perfume samples, which I don’t care for much. Your samples arrive in a small, reusable cardboard box and wrapped in tissue paper with a small card detailing what’s in the box and the prices for the full sizes. Sometimes they will include coupons, discounts, or even mp3 download links. You can then go to the website and review each item in your box through a quick multiple choice form. Each review that you fill out will earn you 10 points, and for every 100 points you accumulate you get $10 off a full sized item from the Birchbox store. You can also earn points from buying full sized items, and from referring friends. (Click here if you’d like to use my referral link. Thank you!!) These points add up quickly, and you can wind up getting products for free, as well as the fact that Birchbox often has coupon codes, special items on sale, or codes to earn bonus points or gifts if you spend a certain amount. For my one year anniversary as a subscriber, they sent me a free keychain, and they also send percent off codes to celebrate milestones for how long you’ve subscribed. Sometimes the boxes are sponsored by a magazine, website, designer or tv show and have products related to it. Otherwise, the boxes usually have a monthly theme, which I always forget to include in my reviews. I tend to talk alot about Birchbox because while I don’t love every product they send, I do always feel that I get my moneys’ worth or more. I have received products like a beauty blender (normally $15), a full sized lipgloss ($16), full sized Tarte Lipsurgence (around $22 I think?), full sized Eyeko eyeliner ($15), and a full sized Stila eyeliner ($24 or so?) just to name a few. I’ve used the points to buy many products for myself, and even to send gift subscriptions to others [you cannot pay for your own box with points, however]. For me, trying out all these new products and getting all the rewards back has been well worth the price, although I know a couple of people who don’t feel that way. It doesn’t work out for everyone, but it’s definitely worth looking into. Enjoy!