New Page

Hey everybody, I wanted to make a quick post and point out the new page I’ve added to the site. It’s up there at the top, and it’s called Favorites. This page will be where I list products I’m currently using, loving, or have enjoyed in the past. I’ll probably add to it and change it now and then, and possibly update it with some photos.

I’m thinking about adding another page or two to the site as well. What would you guys like to see? Although it’s not makeup related, I’m considering posting a Playlist page that will occasionally be updated with the songs I’m into at the moment. I’ve also been throwing around the idea of adding a page for book reviews, because I’m kind of obsessed with reading on my ipad via ibooks or the kindle app, and I generally read a book every 1-2 weeks. Let me know if you would be interested in either of those, or if you have any other ideas. I’m going to try to get some eyeshadow related posts up this week or next. My Zoya order from the BOGO should be here soon (I hope) and I’ll have pics of that as well. In case you haven’t noticed it, my Twitter feed is now in the sidebar also, so you can see the ridiculous things I write. I apologize in advance for the fact that 3/4ths of my Twitter posts are Cricket and I talking about something bizarre. 😉 Have a great day!


New Look

Check out the new look! I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it this way, but for now, this is the new layout. My OCD tendencies like the slightly more organized look, although I do wish this theme had a fixed background like some of the others. Or is that a scrolling background? The one where the page elements scroll but the background stays put as if they are separate layers. I just think it looks cool.

I’m also testing out a few new things. I added the stupid rants page; something I wrote up a while back but never posted, because well – it’s kind of stupid. But I wanted to see how to add more pages, so I’m just going to leave it up for now. I’ve also added my Twitter feed to the site, so you can check out my latest tweets which I’m sure will be riveting and follow me if you like. On Twitter, that is, please don’t follow me in person. That would be weird. Anyway, let me know what you think of the changes. The old banner doesn’t fit anymore or match with the theme, so I might make a new one or just leave the site as is. Would love to hear some feedback…thanks!


New Men’s Line From Birchbox

*Edit – I think this could actually be launching as early as Monday. Check their emails and twitter for more updates!

Hey guys, just wanted to post a little update for those of you who are enjoying the men’s product reviews by the charming Camophile. As you’ve probably noticed, Camophile currently reviews His Black Box. We were excited to hear that Birchbox would be launching men’s products, and it appears to be coming in the form of a monthly box for men, just like the regular boxes. This is interesting news for the guys out there who aren’t fully sold on the His Black Box service, and we will be curious to see if the concept works better from a company that has already established themselves. There is a page up for Birchbox Man, although it’s currently just a place to subscribe to email updates, as well as an image of what the box will most likely look like. Navy blue? Classy, I like it. From what we’ve heard, it seems that Birchbox Man will be launching sometime in December November. This could potentially be a great Christmas gift idea for the men in your life, and since it’s from Birchbox we can probably expect the same great points and review system, which His Black Box seems to be lacking still. We’ll have to wait and see if this new service is enough to tempt Camophile into switching to Birchbox, and I’ll be really interested to find out if Birchbox subscribers can earn points for referring others to Birchbox Man as well. Which service would you choose? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

New Blogger and Black Box

Hi there, beauty blog readers! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before delving straight into contributing to Glamdox’s beauty blog. I am a guy in his late 20’s, who tends to be somewhat casual in his grooming practices. By casual, I mean that I typically shave only once or twice a week at most, and I cut my own hair at home using hair clippers. Quarter-inch comb, tyvm. Metrosexual, I am not; however, I am not afraid of tweezers. Pencil-thin eyebrows are no good for men, in my opinion, but a uni-brow just might be worse. I am a relatively average guy with a no-fuss approach to grooming. With that said, I plan to offer some reviews on some men’s products, from a guy’s point of view. If my contributions are not at least helpful, let’s hope that you will find them amusing.


In the very near future, I plan on reviewing the Black Box that I received this month. In case you haven’t heard of Black Box, it is a deluxe men’s care sample subscription, much like Birchbox. The main difference, of course, is that it is geared toward men. Last month, Glamdox told me about Black Box and I couldn’t help but give it a try. I have not yet had the opportunity to try these samples yet, but once I do, I will be sure to provide a review on each item inside. I will share my experience with Black Box’s service as well.

I look forward to blogging here. ‘Til the next time we meet!

New Charity Widget

[This post has been rewritten]

I recently added a SocialVibe charity widget to the site that was supposed to allow you to donate to a cause for free, just by clicking it. However, I can’t seem to get the widget to update, or work at all, it just says to check back for offers. So I’m removing that one completely. Instead, there is now a link in the sidebar based on the same principle. Just click the button and it will direct you to a site where you click another button (I know, lol) that will donate to childrens hospitals. It’s free, it’s easy, and there are tabs for several other animal and feed the hungry charities if you’d like to click their buttons as well. You can do this daily, so when you can, take a minute and do some good in the world. Thanks!