Last Minute Valentines

As I’m sure you probably know, Valentines Day is this weekend, (also known as Single Awareness day to those of us who aren’t currently in serious relationships). But Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about romance, it can just be a day for showing the people in your life that you love them. I decided this year to get gifts for my mom and nieces, and I have to say, shopping for them was alot more fun than dreading a romantic holiday! So, whether you’re a guy who stumbled here somehow (hi!), or you’re looking for gifts for your mom, sisters, nieces, etc. here are a few ideas that you can pick up this weekend besides the standard flowers and candy.

Birchbox – Obviously has to be the first on my list. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and I love getting makeup and skincare in the mail every month. Reviewing the samples you get earns you points to spend in the shop, meaning that I’ve been able to get alot of full sized products very cheap or free. They have coupon codes and sales, frequently let you choose one of your samples, you can get free shipping on full sized products from your box each month, and if you reach Ace status you get free shipping all the time and exclusive sales, deals, and perks. The main reason I recommend it as a gift is because you can order it at the very last minute and have an email sent to the person that lets them fill out their own address and profile. They won’t get their box for another week or so if you go that route, but you can set the exact date they get the email if you want that to arrive on Valentines day so they get something that day. You can give subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. You can even have their first box sent to you to give it to them in person, but it wouldn’t arrive before Vday. I’ve given subscriptions of this at least four times and everyone seems to love it. There are many other beauty subscription boxes out there, but I haven’t found one yet that has as many perks and as much value as Birchbox. They have great packaging and really helpful customer service as well.

Giftcards – I know, it seems a little impersonal to give someone a gift card. But if you’re stuck for the right thing to add onto a gift, or you just waited too long and need to send something fast, egift cards are always a good solution. Personally, I love to shop so I am always thrilled to get giftcards. For Valentines day I would suggest Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, or even Amazon. Nordstrom can be a nice option as well because they always have free shipping. If you’re going to send a giftcard, it’s nice to think ahead about the potential shipping they may have to pay. You don’t want to send a $15 giftcard to a store that will take $7 in shipping. Even QVC has lowered their shipping prices recently on beauty items and some other things. Dooney & Bourke has giftcards too, if you’re thinking of getting someone a nice purse but aren’t too sure of their style.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – What’s better than chocolate? Makeup that looks and smells like a chocolate bar. You can find this one reviewed online and sold through stores like Sephora and Macys. While you may not have time to order this online, there is still time to go out and pick one up.

Nail Polish – Nail polish can be a great gift for friends, nieces, co-workers, etc. Plenty of brands have nice sets, but if you can’t find one it’s easy enough to buy them individually. Grab some red, pink, and white shades and throw them together in a little basket or container. For a nicer look you can stick to one brand, but it’s not necessary. Check out Ulta for brands like Zoya, China Glaze, and OPI. Or if you’re pressed for time or cash, just check out the grocery store or Walgreens and such.

Candy – Okay, let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of those heart shaped candy boxes that they sell for Valentines day. I love chocolate, but I do not love chocolate stuffed with mystery goo. That is not to say that LOTS of people don’t love those boxes. The thing to remember here, is to know what someone likes. If the person enjoys those boxes it can be a great gift. If they don’t, then check out other options like those giant hershey kisses, or just grab a few oversized candybars that you know are their favorite. Once when I was young, a friend got me a gift and instead of tissue paper inside the giftbag, the bag was filled with Jolly Ranchers with the present hidden under them (those were a favorite at the time). Thoughtfulness can make any gift special.

Gadgets – Ipads, Ipods, Kindles, and other tablets are obviously great gifts for people who like gadgets. The Kindles are all on sale right now too. Also check out things like bluetooth speakers that can be fairly inexpensive and connect to your ipod, laptop, etc.

Jewelry – A classic Valentines option. If you’re in doubt, go for more simple designs. There’s a reason why diamond stud earrings are popular, they’re classic. Sterling silver hoops are also nice.

For Kids – If you’re shopping for kids it gets simpler. Teddybears and candy are the easy options, but be aware of allergies if you’re giving food. I found hot pink stuffed chihuahuas for some of my nieces. Notebooks, bracelets, pen sets, stickers and small toys are good too, just make sure it’s right for their age. You could even put together something similar to an Easter basket with a Valentines theme. I saw some light up heart shaped pillows on Amazon that looked cute too.

For Men – I always feel like men are very hard to shop for, at least the ones in my life. Never underestimate the value of baked goods here, whether you make them yourself or order them from a bakery. (Again, watch out for allergies!) Birchbox has a mens version if your guy is into products. Cologne can work, but it’s better if you know he likes a particular brand. If you have an outdoorsy guy, Coleman has a lantern that has snap off panels which is pretty cool – and it’s red!

Hope that gives you guys a few ideas at least. The most important thing is to choose thoughtful gifts. I always hate when people say that Valentines Day is a commercialized holiday about making money. It doesn’t have to be that at all. It’s just a day to set aside to show people that you love them. You don’t have to buy a single thing! Plan a picnic on the living room floor, plan an activity, or make something by hand. You can even find apps that will let you make a little video or collage, send ecards, or write emails and letters telling people what you like about them. It’s all about showing people that you care, and there’s a million different ways to do that. Check out Pinterest if you need more ideas! Enjoy your holiday! ❤